Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Concentrate On The Top Four Search Engines To Make Money

When we start blogging I'm sure we have all been enticed by those ads telling us that they can submit our blogs to dozens and dozens of search engines. "Great," we think, "This will bring in the visitors."

I must admit that I followed this route, though didn't part with any money, and had my blog supposedly submitted to lots of search engines. It was a waste of time and effort.

The facts are that 91.7% of searches are done on just four search engines. The rest are insignificant and not worth bothering with - as regards getting visitors to your blog.

If we look at the latest figures, as provided by Neilen/NetRankings, we can see which search engines are used most. Needless to say Google is in top spot.

The figures below show the total percentage searches:

Google 52.7%
Yahoo 20.2%
MSN/Live 13.3%
AOL 5.5% 2.1%
My Web Search 1.0%
My Way 0.5%
Bell South 0.4%
Comcast 0.4%
Dogpile 0.4%
Others 3.6%

It makes sense therefore to concentrate on the top four and especially Google. Of course, even being submitted to a search engine doesn't mean that we will be on the first important pages. This is where keywords and other things come into play.

I've just been looking at stats for my celebrity blog. Since I started the blog, 108 days ago, I've had 31011 search engine referrals. 87% of these were from Google which verifies, as far as I'm concerned, that the majority of the smaller search engines don't boost traffic by any significant amount.

As with any sales force devote time to the strengths and not the weaker players.

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