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Treasure Trooper: A Guide

Updated September 19, 2007

This is an image of my first Treasure Trooper payment:

As you can see, Treasure Trooper is a paying site. So far I've made $293.46! They send out checks on the 30th of each month and mine always arrives quickly. How big your check is depends on how much time and money you're willing to put into it. Soon they will be offering payments through Paypal, but only if you're in the U.S. and verified.

You may be thinking you have to invest money to use Treasure Trooper? The answer is no, they have many offers that are 100% free. But if you want to participate in some of the higher paying cash offers, you might want to consider spending money to make money.

How cash offers works:
-Go to cash offers page
-Choose an offer or trial
-Sign up for the offer
-Return to Cash Offers page and click done button
-Play the game to find the oyster pearl
-If you win you can accumulate gems to use other places on Treasure Trooper

I'm going to give you a few guidelines for using Treasure Trooper's Cash Offers successfully:

Open an email account for junk mail
Once you start filling out offers and trials you will get quite a few emails. That's why it's important to open a separate email. Another tip is to add the email address of the trials you signed up for in your email address book. This will help you to separate the requested junk email from other junk mail. Also, to increase your chances of offers approving, you should rotate the email addresses you use. I usually create a new address about once a month or whenever I notice my approval rate dropping.

Keep an organized log
I use a copybook to keep track of the trials I sign up for. It's very important to keep this information organized because if you forget to cancel a trial it can end up costing more than you earned! Here's what I write:
-Offer name
-Offer website
-Telephone number
-Date signed up
-Date trial ends
-Date to cancel (usually a day or two after offer is approved on TT)
-How much I am to earn
-How much I paid
-Additional information if any

Use a pop-up blocker
While doing some of the offers, there will be pop-ups. One reason this is undesirable is because it can be confusing to figure out which page your supposed to be filling out. Using a blocker will prevent most pop-ups. You will still get an occasional one or two but if you're paying attention, you won't get lost with where to go next.

Double and triple check your junk email account
Sometimes mistakes can happen. Last time I was doing trials, I came across a webpage that informed me that I was not eligible for this particular offer. But nearly a week later I found a welcome letter in my email from this same offer! I was surprised to see I was only one day away from being charged as a member. So I went back to the Cash Offers page and clicked done for that offer. As soon as it approved I called and canceled my trial offer. Now I am more careful and pay attention to all junk email to make sure there are no more surprises!

Use a cash card for transactions
Again, mistakes can happen and they do. Use a cash card instead of your bank account or credit card. The last thing you want is for one of the companies you deal with to accidentally charge you and upset your balances. Or worse, if they debit your bank account causing it to bounce or charge your credit card and exceeding your credit limit. This will add fees that still need to be paid even after the mistake has been fixed. You don't want that to happen.

Check the fine print on all trials before you sign up
Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before you submit your trial application. Sometimes there may be additional fees that you would be charged if you didn't notice the fine print. For example, one trial I signed up for said that by submitting I am also agreeing to sign up for SavingSmart for $1/month. That's not a large sum, but I would still be surprised and annoyed to find that money gone from my cash card. So when I see additional terms I write it down next to Additional Information in my log to remind me to cancel that offer as well.

How to fill out the form fields
Always use your real information when you're filling out offers. Using fake emails or non-existing addresses will get you labeled as a fraud and banned. The one thing you can fake is your telephone number by using What you do is find your area in their database (or an area near you) and they will give you a phone number. You call the number, access your voice mail and leave a message. Then you will get an email each time someone leaves a message. You don't need to call and listen because you know it's a sales call.

Credit card offers
Just be aware that credit inquiries can actually lower your credit score. If this is a concern for you then avoid these offers.

Get a confirmation number
When you call to cancel your trial make sure they give you a cancellation number or at the very least make sure you receive a cancellation email. If you don't have it in writing, then you might still be signed up.

Watch the money roll in
I almost forgot to mention the best part! Many of the cash offers have a nice incentive price. You will see the money roll in if you're willing to put a bit of time into it. Treasure Trooper is a fun way to earn money online.

Other things to do on Treasure Trooper

Cash survey- There is a Daily Survey that can be taken once a day over a 24 hour period. It pays 75 cents plus an entry into a $50,000 sweepstakes each time a survey is completed. If you don't qualify for a survey, you can keep trying until you find one.

Then there is a long list of paid survey sites that you can sign up for. Each survey company is different in their payments and/or rewards. Payment is made through the survey sites and not through Treasure Trooper.

Cash Shopping- Buy stuff from the list of sites and save money by purchasing through Treasure Trooper. The money saved is added to your income total on the 'My Treasure' page. In addition, each time you save $5, you earn a platinum coin that can be used in Mabutu's Hut to buy gifts and prizes.

Pearls, Platinum and Silver Coins- These can be won or earned through different activities on the site. For example, earn some silver coins by completing offers that give the coins instead of cash money. Each time you complete a cash offer you'll have the chance to try to win a pearl by pressing the done button and then guessing which clam the pearl is hiding in.

Trading Hut- This is where you cash in your pearls, platinum and silver coins. For example: 10 gold coins will buy a piece of your journal. Piecing together your journal will give you hints and tips for greater treasures; buying all 4 pieces of the map will allow you to participate in the $100 treasure hunt; or you can buy prizes such as an Ipod Nano or Xbox360.

Community- there is a message board and a chat room. The message board is full of site information as well as discussions. Many times there are contests going on through Treasure Trooper too!

Newsletter Offers- when you join Treasure Trooper you sign up for the newsletter. It is sent out twice a month and within it there will be newsletter offers that you can do.

Buried Treasure- A buried treasure button appears on the right column of the website on every 5th day of the month. For example it will be there on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th. This is an opportunity for extra offers.

I realize this is a lot of information to take in and you might be wondering if it's worth all the trouble. I think so. I don't do this everyday or even every week but it's a way to earn money without spending a lot of time or effort. Once you get the hang of keeping it organized, it's not hard at all. I encourage you to reply with any comments or questions you have or email me at{at}gmail{dot}com.

Want to give it a try? Join Treasure Trooper!

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Source: My Journey to one million dollars

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