Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Distracted By The WayBackMachine

Ah, you are distracted!Here's an interesting tool, it's called the WayBackMachine.

It's a way to browse a selection of archived web pages going back to 1996.

Want to know, for example, how one of my favourite blog's, Blog About Your Blog, used to look. Then click here. Compare this to how their blog looks today. They've come a long way.

Many blogs and websites have changed over the years. Look at Google in 1998 or Wikipedia in 2001.

The WayBackMachine doesn't seem to work for all blogs and websites, unfortunately. It doesn't work for this one, which was really why I first tried it out.

I'm sure there are lots of uses for comparing different dates, perhaps to try and see why PageRank has altered for instance. If you can't find a money making use for the tool it's still a fun way to pass half an hour - not that there aren't lots of other ways to get distracted from what we are supposed to be doing.

"I must concentrate on making money."

Stay focused!

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