Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Over $345 Earned With PayPerPost

Sponsored posts - bloggers have varying opinions but I must say I'm getting on just fine with PayPerPost. And I'm not just saying this because they are sponsoring this particular post - honest!

Okay, so what do I like about PPP? I could give a one word answer - money - but I think I'd better elaborate a bit more than this.

This is my 23rd sponsored post for PPP and my earnings, by the time they have all been paid out, will be over $345 - which is a worthwhile addition to my money making mission. Hopefully there will be much more to follow.

I haven't received all of the money as yet. Payment is made 30 days following posts being first published. So far I've had over $130 paid to me via PayPal and the good news is that all of the payments were made on time, without any problems or hassle.

I wrote ages ago that I had some reservations about sponsored posts. Would they have an effect on visitor numbers, would the number of subscribers drop and so on because I was publishing such posts? The answer is that it hasn't made a jot of difference.

From my experience sponsored content with PayPerPost makes me money, helps the advertisers concerned and doesn't harm my blog. Can't be bad!

Source: Mike's Money Making Mission

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