Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Money Making Weekly Report - Week 49

I'm now at week 49 of my Money Making Mission. The aim being to try and make money using only free blogs and without any capital outlay.

Working on the theory that ultimately more hits equals more money I have been concentrating on my main celebrity blog. The effort paid off regarding the number of visits. This was mainly because of my posts on Sarah Larson, two of which were 'exclusive' to the blog - at least at the time they were published. As can be seen from the chart on Thursday I had over 3000 unique visitors.

I must be honest though and say that this didn't really earn me the extra money I had hoped for. Such is life!

Below are programs I am currently promoting - in alphabetical order, with a few comments.

AdSense $612.63
A better week than I've had recently thanks to those extra celebrity hits, and also throught the $600 barrier

Amazon UK £4.55 ($9.10)
As I wrote recently about how I am trying Amazon Context Links on my celeb blogs as a trial. So has it worked? Well partly. I'm now getting about 50 clicks a day as opposed to virtually none. However, this only related to one order, which made 21p (42c)!

The problem with Amazon is that I am with the UK website and a lot of visitors are from the USA and other countries. This means that it's doubtful if they would place an order on the UK website. Perhaps this means I have to join the USA Amazon as well - but that could also cause difficulties. Something to think about. Will see what happens after a few weeks.

AuctionAds $29.73
I'm afraid I don't agree with the stats they are producing so at the moment so not too happy with Auction Ads.

Convergence Inc $156.60 (over 18's only)
Adult only products. They provide a free website - providing you can find a way to promote it. Not suitable, for example, on this blog.

DIY Dating £72.99 ($145.25)
DIY also offer a free dating website with choice of designs and content plus use of their massive database. Has possibilities.

FriendFinderGroup $713.46
I thought I might have done better with them over the last 10 days than I have, but still my top money maker at the moment. Over 20 websites to promote ranging from Christian and Jewish friendship to Adults and Bondage! Caters for most interests.

Helium $13.61
I keep saying I like this site but you have to be prepared to write quite a few articles to earn anything worthwhile.

myLot $59.85
Haven't been on their website other than to see I made 17c last week.

Write sponsored posts on your blogPayPerPost $265.83
I did a (sponsored) post on PayPerPost yesterday. PPP is working for me okay at the present time. I've over $90 of posts waiting to be approved - this now seems to take about 9-12 days on average.

Sexy Ads $322.73 (over 18's only)
A well run, efficient affiliate program - if suitable for your blog!

You Gov £51.50 ($103.00)
Genuine survey company - want more panel members in UK, USA and the Middle East.

Miscellaneous $530.68
From such things as links, sponsored blogs, adverts etc.

Total $3459.61

I've also made money from Commission Junction, Cashlinkr, Daytipper, but no longer promote these.

Thanks for the visit!

Good luck,

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