Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting Started

1. Finding a Brokerage

My goal is to get in and out of stocks quickly, with minor gains that will add up quickly, so I don't want all of my profits eaten up in commisions. I was sick of paying $29.95 per trade through TD Waterhouse so I transferred it to Trade Freedom. They charge just under $10 a trade. So far I have been happy with them. I find they execute my trades much faster than TD did and the customer service is great. I will keep you posted. If things don't work out through themI will switch to another brokerage.

2. Researching companies

I plan to trade mostly penny stocks. I have always bought blue chip companies. Penny stocks are new to me, so I have started doing some reasearch on various sites.

I recommend: the Csn stocks under $2 forum and
Source: Adventures in day tradding

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