Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My First Trades

From now on I will tell you about my buys and sells as I do them but just to catch you up....

I started with BWR, a good metal stock. Bought 1,000 shares at $1.69 and sold at $1.75. This net $60. Subtract the buy and sell, I was left with $40. Small I know, but just wanted to get my feet wet.

Next I bought 300 shares of VRS at $4.19 and sold at $4.50, netting us with $73 after commissions. My husband actually sold it a bit earlier than I wanted and it is went up quite a bit after it.

It was after this that I implemented the don't look at something after we have just sold it rule. This is imperative to follow if you wish to stay sane.

So we were happy, up close to $120 and then.......I'm sure you can see where this is going....we bought SCR at $1.69 and in a few days it fell to $1.44. It is a solid company which I think will rebound but I don't want to tie up my money for a long period of time. If we sell, the loss will put us in the red. I've gotta think about this one this weekend.

Our two other holdings are doing well, we own CHR which we bought at $0.14 and bought back into BWR at $1.65.
Source: Adventures in day tradding

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