Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Email promotion internet marketing

As a blogger or the owner of a small company you might be interested in sending group e-mails to your customers or newsletters. What I have in mind is not spamming people, but using legal ways to make the use of your e-mail box easier. With email promotion internet marketing you can do at least a few things:

  • Build and manage an e-mail address database. With this feature non-valid e-mail addresses will be automatically deleted.
  • Create graphical e-mail messages.
  • Determine the delivery schedule for your e-mails.
  • Follow your campaign results which will help you determine for example how many recipients of your e-mails visited your site, how many subscribers read your e-mail message as well as how many messages “bounced-back”.

    I did not list all of the features that email promotion internet marketing is delivering. For more of them visit their website if you are interested.
    Source: Earn money on the Web

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