Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How To Make Money With Sponsored Posts

You know, it's quite easy to make money if you choose the sponsored post route.

It takes about three months to set up and have running properly but then it's plain sailing. The format is simple.

Start a blog on any inoffensive subject, preferably something covering a wide spectrum. If it's too narrow a niche the sponsored blogs that you can write will be limited. If you did a blog, say on reviews of all sorts, then there would be a massive range of sponsored posts that could be used for the blog.

Of course, it's better still if you can create several blogs.

The blogs have to be updated with posts at least three times a week for the initial three months. The idea isn't to make money out of them during this build up period but you might as well run AdSense Ads or something similar.

You then follow the usual way of obtaining regular visitors and getting a few inward links, not forgetting Blog Directories which have a high PageRank.

What you are aiming for, within the three months, is to:

(a) obtain as high a PageRank as possible
(b) to get a respectable Alexa score. This can often be inflated by such things as hit exchanges - though if you use these you mustn't run AdSense ads, this is against their rules.

After three months join PayPerPost and all of the other similar schemes. Providing you have no adult material or anything offensive you should be easily approved.

Then ... take up as many sponsored posts as you possibly can - subject to individual rules. Most sponsored posts have to be sandwiched between two normal posts ... and make money!

Always read the offer instructions carefully so that your posts are approved.

If you have four or five decent blogs accepted there would be a lot of money to be made.


make money with sponsored postsWith a website like PayPerPost, if you have your own domain name so much the better. There will be more offers available. For some reason some 'advertisers' don't favour the likes of blogspot addresses. But this is easy enough to do and only costs about £5 or $10 to set up.

For ages I ignored sponsored posts, just didn't like the idea, but as you will have seen yesterday I've made over $100 from them in the last seven days without any sweat.

What I've just written is about making money and not about enjoying blogging. It's purely using blogs as a way to make money and not as a way of life or influencing the world to your way of thinking. It depends on why you want to blog.

Yesterday I looked at another website offering sponsored posts - Bloggerwave. I filled in the application and am awaiting acceptance. I'll give further info when I've seen how it all works.

With PayPerPost they are offering new members $20 for their first post. Or alternatively, by using the button on the right, newbies can get $7.50 for reviewing this post! Blogs have to be over three months old.

Sponsored posts are a simple way to make money - if that's what you are looking for.

Good luck,

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