Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free Leads

Getting your business off the ground with little to no money to use for advertising and marketing purposes can be a bit difficult. There are many free resources and things that you can do online. It takes time and effort, but we do what we have to do, and hey it's free.

Here are some of the lead resources that I have personally used. There are others, however these are the one's that I have found I get better response from. (10 free) These are actually really great leads from Cutting Edge Media (10 free) (20 free) (10 free) (10 free) (10 free) (20 free) Or you can take $20 off on your first order. They also offer a Super Value Starter Pack. You get 660 leads for $34.20 (600 7-30 day surveyed leads with 60 0-24 hr. Short Form leads. (50 or 100 free) This one works a bit different. It's $1 for a 30 day trial. You can get either 50 or 100 leads, depending on the system you decide to use for the trial period. (I suggest the larger one with 100 leads, you get more leads and it's still only $1) This is a complete prospecting system, with lead capture pages, auto-responders, pretty much anything and everything all in one package. You can choose to continue after the 30 day trial, or simply cancel before then. I love this system because they import the leads for you, and whenever anyone opens an email you sent or clicks on any of the links, it tracks it, that way you know who is actually actively researching a home business opportunity.

I would love to hear your thoughts after trying any of the above resources. Also if you have any others that you have personally used and would like to share, leave a comment.

You should have plenty of people to talk to now, so "Happy Prospecting!" Make it a great week.

Source: Work at Home Facts

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