Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kirbitz August Activity Update

This week has been so hectic for me that i have dozens of pending activies unmet. I had to burn my butt off over at dunkin donuts for the whole night just to study for my exams. And well, only time will tell about how i did on my exams. . .

Moving on, inspite of the sked that i had, i managed to complete some offers from blogsvertise. I managed to make 3 from them at $2 each but its still unpaid though. You can see my first ever sponsored post here. My blog also got accepted at sponsoredreviews. Ive noticed that they have the option of free-writing a post and then submit it to sponsors. And what sets it apart is that you make the bid on how much you want to be paid with each post. This, i think, is what separates them from the rest and im looking forward for a beneficial endeavors with this site soon. I think ill make a review about sponsoredreviews some time in the future so do watch out for that one.

In connection with sponsored posts, Kirbitz has been denied membership from Azoogle ads. They are only accepting sites who doesnt have a free site sponsor like blogger or wordpress. Im referring to those sites that end with a .com or a .net . Well, its ok. Maybe when i have my blog as that would be cool. Not in the near future i suppose. ;)

I also encountered a dilemma this week. I just realized that Paypal is not yet available in the Philippines and i joined quite a number of sites that pays through paypal. My friend, Lady from SpaceofInfluence, advised me on this one. Much Thanks lady! I will attend to this one this week.

I made some plans for my pagerank performance. As you can see, my PR is still on n/a status. I a m going to make reviews in exchange for backlinks from other high-PR ranks. I made up connections with Carl from and melody from Marriedmelody.

Do watch out for my post about Paying sites. Im starting to do reviews of paying sites from the well established ones to the new-kid-from-the-block sites.

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