Thursday, September 20, 2007

Give Your Visitors These Reasons To Bookmark Your Blog

If you've been following my blog for quite some time, then you must have known that about a month ago I started getting bored with writing for this blog and almost called it quits. Then I wrote a post about a new quest that was to find out what it is that makes people want to come back to your blog.

I never actually got to finish that quest. And just when I had almost forgotten about it entirely, the answer suddenly jumped up right in front of me, smacking me in the face.

Here's what I found out.

People come back to your blog because of need. Need is the main motivation behind it all. Maybe they need to come back and visit your blog again because you keep it updated with new stuff. Maybe they need to read your blog again because it's full of useful and easy to understand materials that they can apply to their own blogs right away.

People come back to your blog if your blog kinda has it all. A lot of us can surely name a web encyclopedia they visit quite regularly. Wikipedia. Britannica. And why should our blog be any different? If you blog about making money online, then your blog should have the A-to-Z of making money online. Why should your visitors bookmark tons of other blogs if your blog has got it all?

People come back to your blog when they start to feel like they know you. Giving your blog a bit of personality (not too much of it) is good. An even better way to achieve this is by commenting in other blogs creatively in ways that will make them remember you.

People come back to your blog NOT because it has a beautiful design. Don't get me wrong, having a beautiful design other than the Blogger's template is good! But don't expect that that will bring you more traffic. People come for content, not for the appreciation of your sense of design.

People come back to your blog because they want to see how you've progressed. If you're an online money seeker like myself, then it'll be nice to sometimes visit other fellow online money seekers to see how they're doing and maybe steal a little trick or two.

And finally, people come back to your blog because your blog is just so much fun. Okay, I got to admit that I myself am struggling in this area. I still can't think of a way to make a blog about making money online FUN. There are a couple of ways I've come up with so far, though:

  • Have a little "Something of the Week" stuff. It could be a fun quiz you found from some websites. It could be a poll. Or it could be your own wisdom, one smart line to summarize what you've learned during the week.
  • Simplify your posts. Write in short sentences. If possible, include a drawing or a diagram under your every post to sum up what your post is about.

So that's it, then. I'll be keeping my eyes open for more reasons to bookmark your blogs.

Source: Blog for money: A Beginners Guide

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