Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where The Rest Of The Goldmines Are

If you're thinking about starting a blog, here's an advice that I can give you: don't blog about your journey to make money online. I know I did, and so do hundreds of others, and it's sure getting kinda lame.

There's a whole lot of unexplored territories out there with more goldmines than you could ever find here. And to rule there is a whole lot easier! Here's why:

  • Most people blog simply for fun. They don't monetize their blogs like you and me. They might not even care that their blogs are forever at PR 0 or that they should be pinging every time they post something new. What this means is that if you could identify these unexplored niches, you will undoubtedly be able to conquer them right away, because you have the weapons and knowledge to do that!
  • People visiting those unexplored lands might know even less. They could be surfers who've never even been blogging in their entire life! It would be a lot less difficult to guide those readers to click on your ads or fill in forms offering free stuff.
  • You can use more general forums to advertise your blogs, and no one would mind! Again here, most forum members are simply there for fun. They have absolutely no idea that you're trying to make money out of them.

Now, just what kind of niches are they? I'll give you six here, you figure out the rest that will suit your own interest.

1. Art

You don't have to be a painter or a photographer to blog about art. You could just browse the web for great pieces of modern art or whatever and post them in your blog. Promise your readers that you'd be posting daily for more great pictures, and that's it! You don't even have to worry about writing articles at all!

With this kind of blog, it is highly possible to make money from: selling posters from an affiliate program you've joined, promoting your own stuff on ebay, selling tutorial DVDs from Amazon, and of course AdSense. If your blog is starting to look really good and more people start giving you compliments, you might even consider asking for donations.

2. Fitness and Bodybuilding

I'm quite surprised to find out that not so many people blog about this. If you happen to know quite much, even theoretically, about fitness and bodybuilding, then why not give it a try? Daily tips you recompose from some magazines would do it. Or, if you're feeling a bit adventurous, why don't you blog about your journey to lose fat and gain muscle?

It is indeed one of the most lucrative niches that are not yet widely monetized in blogs. Here you can sell: muscle enhancing products that hard-gainers often find too tempting to resist, ebooks about the kind of new training that's guaranteed to work, training videos and DVDs, and even subscriptions to magazines.

3. Book Discussions

Write reviews about your favorite books using your own point of view. Then, join Amazon's affiliate program and put up the ads in a catchy display. Most people who like to read might also like to learn about new languages, so why not have an ad that goes something like "Learn Spanish In 30 Days".

4. Dating Tips

If you believe yourself to be a dating expert, then this could be a real money making opportunity for you. With this kind of blogs, it should be easy to earn money from: online dating sites (such as Friend Finder or even Adult Friend Finder that pays you mindbogglingly high), affiliating ebooks and DVDs about dating, and affiliating sites that require memberships.

5. Scholarship Info

Do a little research on the web, quote a little here and there from this and that program, and that's pretty much it! Some companies pay their affiliate partners everytime a visitor fills in a form.

6. Anything that's for women only

It could be a Chicken Soup kind of blog, it could be about make up tips, it could be about things you can do at home when you're bored, it could be about the truths of men, and it could be about how to raise a child on your own.

The money making opportunity here comes from affiliating e-stores that cater for women's needs. They could be dresses, jewelry, perfume, and home decoration ornaments.

Those are just six possible niches. There are probably hundreds of others left unexplored. Find your own passion, blog about it, and conquer your own niche.

Source: Blog for money: A Beginners Guide

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