Thursday, September 20, 2007

Work Your Way Up, Then Sideways

There have been some debates as to whether Page Rank is more important than traffic, or is it the other way around. I say, they are both equally important, although you don't really have to work on them at the same time. If you hate multitasking as much as I do, that is.

Getting a high PR does not necessarily mean that you get tons of traffic. It does help you to get more traffic, though, if you optimize it carefully.

Now, let's start with increasing your PR first.

  • When you're just starting a blog, you might only be able to exchange links with other new PR 0 blogs. It won't do you much good in terms of PR because those are definitely not quality inbound links. But that's okay, just don't overdo it. If those new blogs are good and develop fast, they will automatically increase your PR quite significantly. Have at least five exchanges. Eight is maximum.
  • You'll want to submit your blog to directories. Some people still believe that submitting their blogs to as many directories as they can will increase their PR rapidly. I only submitted mine to some directories and my blog made it to PR 4 in three months. I say, submitting your blog to directories won't really help you by much. Even if they're PR 7 directories, they'll have thousands of outbound links, which means that they are just as trashy as a link from a PR 0 blog.
  • Make friends with people who have great blogs. Visit them regularly and introduce yourself. Don't ask for a link back yet, though. Just make yourself noticed. If you're lucky, they might write something about the new blogs in the niche and who knows that yours might also get mentioned. That's one really good quality inbound link for you.
  • Try joining Digital Point Forum and hang around the Link Exchange section. There are people sometimes just looking for links and they don't care what PR your blog/website is, as long as it has the same theme. That's jackpot.
  • Finally, the best way to get backlinks is by writing great articles and post them to as many ezines as you can find! And don't just stop there, you can also optimize forums to promote your best article by having its title as your signature. My best linkbaiting article so far is the 101 ideas to write in your money making blog, which boosts my PR in next to no time.

However, having lots of backlinks by way of articles might not bring you in more traffic. Your links will just be footnotes of your article posted in their blogs. And next week that post will no longer be in the front page. The inbound links you get are permanent, but very few will see or click on them.

You'll rank high in terms of PR, but not in traffic. Now, the next thing to do is to take advantage of your high PR. First, take a look back at your outbound links (from the exchanges you did with other related blogs) and check them one by one. Are those blogs still active? Also, check your Google Analytics stat to see which blogs are not giving you any traffic at all. Get rid of them. Don't be afraid to do a little clean up. Tell those other blogs that you've taken off their links and that they can take off yours, too.

So, now that you've got only a few outbound links, you'll have plenty of room for quality link exchange.

Browse around for some blogs that have the same high PR as yours, or blogs with a slightly lower PR but is looking really popular and getting lots of traffic. Contact the owners and state your offer.

And it's done.

You'll start to see a rise in traffic in no time at all.

Source: Blog for money: A Beginners Guide

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