Thursday, September 27, 2007

MAKE MORE MONEY ONLINE - Smart Advertising For Your Online Business


Lately I've created an eBook and trying to build up a list. So I'm in the process of learning how to promote my landing page, where I capture visitor's email address. You can try some of the methods below, I'm sure that it will help you promote your business on the net. After you've create your products, eBook or special reports, you can give away free to build up your list. But then where can you promote it so that people will come by and drop their emails in your list. Below are some useful tips that can help you find your way to promote your business.

1. Know Your Site's Performance
First of all, you should know exactly how well your site perform. To know this, it will be simple, just look at the stat for your site. How many people visit and subscribe to your site, then how many of them are buying your products. Do a little maths here and then you can find out how much you can afford to pay for advertising to get you a sale. Let me give you an example here. If in a month, 1,000 visitors visit your site, and you get 20 sales that particular month. This means that you need 50 visitors to get one sale. After you've determine this, you can know how much your visitor is worth to you.

Assume that in every 50 visitors, you will get one sale, and that sale make you a profit of $10. This bring the meaning that you can spend up to $10 to bring up 50 visitors to your site. And the best is spend less than $10. Therefore, if you use your $10 to generate 100 visitors, the probability you will get is you will double up your profits. Do you understand how it works now? You must know how well your site will perform, then only spend for advertising wisely. There is always a choice, you can choose to advertise your site blindly without knowing anything about your site, or you can choose to advertise smartly and make more money online.

2. You Must Have A Strategy For Email Capturing
It is good that if you can capture 50 visitors and one one of them actually buying your products. But what about the rest? The other 49 visitors? You need to create a good relationship with them. Keep in contact with them although they did not purchase anything from you. You still can offer something that they wanted for free, then slowly promote other products to them. The moment they decide to drop they email and subscribe to your site, it means that you've got something they are interested in. Hence, you can create something more such as eBook or special reports for them.

Give your subscribers more valuable information that they are looking for, and you can have a higher conversion rate. You need to treat your subscribers like gold and often offer them something free. They will be happy and you can make a fortune from them.

So, this is the 2 simple tips for you, how you can advertise your business or site wisely. I hope that these 2 tips are going to help you in your business. To your success.

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Source: The Millionaire Secret

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