Thursday, September 27, 2007

12 KEYS TO SUCCESS - Be Ready To Learn

KEY #11 – Be Ready To Learn

This will be the last second key for you in your road to success. You must be willing to learn, learn and learn. Especially with the existence of internet, you can find tons of information from the it. If you wanted to know how to lose weight, simply search this term in the search engine like Yahoo and Google, and you can find lots of information telling you how you can lose weight.

It is the same if you want to know how to make more money online. You can also search for all the information regarding how you can make more money online. Of course most of the information you get is people’s products. They are selling all these info to help you achieve what you want in life. However, there is also info that is free for you. So you see, there are basically tons of people who are ready to teach you on the net. The question now is whether you willing to learn or not.

There are forums, article directories, and even blogs which are always flooded with lots of information. All you need to do is to dig up all the information and use it for your own. You must always update yourself because with the existent of internet, everything changes rapidly.

About learning, you first must be some one that is “learnable”. I believe you’ve come across some people who are not learnable, they don’t willing to learn. For example, these people do not willing to listen to their juniors, they thought that they’ve already knew everything. This kind of people will not go far in their life. The next thing is that you must be “teachable”. You must be willing to teach people about what you’ve learn. Only then you can achieve success more easily.

The one who give will always receive what they deserve. From the golden rule of life, “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you”. So you see, if you want more, then you will have to give more. If you want more money, then make others more money and eventually you will get more money.

Another interesting point about learning to success is that you can learn from those who had success, and learn their footsteps. If you want to lose weight, then learn the footsteps of those who successfully lose their weight. As simple as that. Hence, you must be willing to learn everyday. From the moment we were born, we are already in the process of learning every single day. So nothing should stop us from learning, until the day we gone.

Well, this is it, Key #11 – Be Ready To Learn. Bear in mind, learning is a process, you will need to take action on it. Without action, you will learn nothing.

The 12 KEYS to Success :
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Key #2 - Control Your Emotion
Key #3 - Be Prepared To Fight

Key #4 - Be Responsible
Key #5 - Having A Burning Desire
Key #6 - You Must Have A Plan
Key #7 - Always Concentrate In Your Work
Key #8 - Must Have A Clear Goal
Key #9 - I Am Talented
Key #10 - You Have To Pay For It
Key #11 - Be Ready To Learn
Key #12 - Success Require No Secrets

Source: The Millionaire Secret

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