Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Domain Parking And More WidgetBucks

Yesterday I wrote about making money by parking a domain. The idea being to look for misspelled domain names, similar to high traffic websites, and then filling these with ads or promotional material.

Now there are also other variations on this theme and some people claim to be making decent money from this. Take, for example, Brian at DomainMoneyParking.

Brian says he made over $5000 in September.

He has an interesting website that gives ideas, information and help about Domain Parking.

I shan't enlarge on this subject, at the present time, because I haven't any personal experience -but see what you make of Brian's website and his videos.

Changing Track Completely

Regarding WidgetBucks again. I see my earnings have actually gone down. Never had this with a money making program before!

It's gone down because the Rate Per Click has been altered and backdated (none of these figures were in red). Mmmmm!

Also many WidgetBucks accounts have been suspended. In their own words:

"We continue to suspend many violating accounts, and naturally, many of those suspended publishers feel wronged, angered and frustrated. Along with our automated click fraud alert system, our account review team is dedicating significant time and energy to hand-reviewing these sites where WidgetBucks widgets are placed -- and taking swift action in removing these accounts from the network."

They go on to explain:

"WidgetBucks will become a "gated" ad network that will require approval to join. For current publishers, this does not change much for you. You are "grandfathered" into the network; however, we will continue to review sites for Terms violations."

Regarding non USA members they write:

"... we do pay publishers outside US and Canada, provided terms of use are met.

Anyone else feeling a bit uneasy? The underlining in quotes is mine.

Good luck,
Source: Mike's Money Making Mission

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