Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My ads really act about you?

About two weeks ago after i write new post and begin to published it suddenly i can not see any of my ads at my blog post nor at my side bar. At first i thought because my computer did not allowed script. Just to let you know, i am using Mozilla Firefox Web browser which is now faster, more secure, and fully customizable. Firefox 2 have been added powerful new features that makes my online experience even better.

After few days, only few of my ads display but not my adsense ads, i thought i have been banned from my adsense but luckily not. Its really strange but true, its not only me who have this problem. Other blogger also have the same problem. You can read my friend Amanda author of about this strange but true.

At first, i asked my husband who is a computer geek, to fixed the problem. And he said that because my site have a lot of big and heavy links which the computer could not load better. But then again that is not the problem. Is everybody who using have these problem. Even the "Show ads between Post" feature did not work on What is the problem? Can anyone tell!
Source: Wonder Mums Quest to Make Money Online

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