Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Park A Domain And Count The Dollars, Pounds And Euros

Parking domains for dollarsIn a way this post sort of follows on from the one I wrote titled Dead Blogs and Experimenting.

What do you think of Parking Domains? By this I mean purchasing domain names but 'special ones' that might just bring a reasonable amount of traffic without any effort.

I know of someone who does this and reckons he does okay. He concentrates on popular websites where their name might just be misspelled.

An example might be: www.maazon.com which people often accidentally enter when trying for www.amazon.com.

The idea is then to load up your misspelled domain with adverts, or some sort of promotional material. This then produces an income, well that's the theory, and all without having to do anything else. Park it and count the dollars!

You are too late, by the way, for www.maazon.com as Amazon have already bought this themselves. If you type in the URL you will end up at Amazon.

You've got to look for very high traffic possibilities. If a website is getting hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of hits a day it's highly likely that many people will misspell the name, either by accident or because they aren't sure of the correct spelling.

I haven't as yet dabbled in this idea myself but, time permitting, I'm going to try and find a few possible domains worth a gamble. A domain name only usually costs a few dollars so it should be possible, at the very minimum, to get a return on the investment.

What do you reckon?

Obviously other people are also doing this so it'll take a bit of hunting to track down juicy names.

Good luck,

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