Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Money Making Images

The Bee at the Eden Project, CornwallOn Tuesday I wrote about how Images Bring Traffic. One of the comments, from ahsoon, suggested taking this a further step and use the images also to make money.

I must admit I had previously toyed with this idea. He suggested using PicsPay.

The two things that have put me off using similar programs have been:

(1) Being unsure of the reliability of the website to ensure that the photos are uploaded quickly onto my blogs. I dislike seeing blogs where the photos are missing and you end up with blank squares with a little red cross in the top left corner.

(2) The payments offered are generally quite small.

Eden Project, St.Austell, CornwallAnyway I thought I'd have a look at PicsPay and do a small test to see if it is viable and works properly.

I've only just joined so I can't give a full opinion at the moment. I'll do this later after I've seen it all in action.

It all seems straightforward enough. You upload photos, put these on your blog and get paid for the number of clicks on the actual photos.

Now what you earn isn't a lot! It's $1 per 5000 clicks, so it's not going to make you rich. But if you are publishing images/photos anyway you might as well try and make them work for their keep. Every little helps.

Payments are made following $10 earnings and are made by PayPal.

I'll leave it at that for now until I can give some proper 'proven' facts and figures. If anyone knows a similar, reliable program with better remuneration please leave the details in a comment.

The two photos, by the way, are of a local visitor attraction, the Eden Project, here in Cornwall.

Good luck,
Source: Mike's Money Making Mission

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