Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thank You Links For November -

thank-youAnother month so time to say thank you for all of your visits and/or referrals during November.

The Top Five Blogs sending referrals to MMMM were:

1. cashquests.com
Kumiko wrote a very positive post about MMMM and this brought a lot of referrals. The thing about Kumiko's blog is that it is controversial and opinionated but never dull. Her post titled 'WidgetBucks Is Run By Monkeys' emphasises this point. I think she got her figures a little skew-whiff in the article but she says what she thinks. No wishy-washy sitting on the fence.

2. Make Money Fa$t
Rob is always in my top five. A genuine guy from New Zealand who wants to make a million dollars and, with his positive attitude, he'll no doubt succeed.

3. Blog About Your Blog
Another of my favourites. We started our blogs at about the same time and it's been interesting watching BAYB grow and develop into the success it is today.

4. Money Money Money
Money Money Money is another of my regular top five entries. I reckon from the title you can guess what it's all about.

5. Web-Dosh
'An Investigation into whether the Internet can be used to make money' is the strap line. And do you know what? I reckon it can!

Each month my Top Five Blogs are listed in the left hand side column.

I always get a few surpises as to where referrals come from. Last month I had unexpected good responses from Netvibes, and StumbleUpon without doing anything.

The MMMM Top 10 Keywords for the month were: money making, making money, voxant, adultfriendfinder, mike perry, mikes money making, mikes money making mission, money making blogs, shoppingads and wealth toolbox. Pretty much as expected.

Thank you to everyone who has had anything to do with this blog - it's appreciated very much.

Good luck,

Source: Mike's Money Making Mission

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