Sunday, December 9, 2007

Money4Banners Affiliate Payment Rave

I received my first affiliate payment from Money4banners the other day. It actually came as a surprise since I hadn’t checked my account since I joined. When got the payment I did check my account to see what was going own since the payment was $10 and I know the monthly payment is supposed to be $5.

I saw that I did have two affiliates pending and figured the payment was for one of them, but just hadn’t registered yet. I haven’t received my first monthly payment yet. I think I’ll get near the end of the month. However I have received my bouns payment and now this affiliate payment.

For those that don’t know, Money4banners is a company that will pay you a monthly $5 fee to place banners on three of your web site pages. They will also pay you a $10 signup bonus once your site is approved and you have the banners on your site. You get the signup bonus right away, no waiting. You also get $10 whenever you refer somebody that gets approved and put the banners on their site.

If you’re not a member Money4banners and you want to make a monthly residual income, head on over to the Money4banners website and join up.

Below is my proof of payment.

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