Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Unique Gem Way To Success

Sasha Cagen blogger and authorIt's strange sometimes where an idea actually comes from. Why, for example, would anyone want to publish a magazine or a blog about 'To-Do Lists'? And why, for that matter, would anyone want to read such magazines or blogs?

But they do, and this illustrates that success can arrive from all sorts of directions, especially if we start from somewhere new.

It's what Sasha Cogen has done and her blog is now a book.

Seven years ago she began collecting these lists and became publisher of a magazine called appropriately To-Do List.

Sasha asked for people to send her their To-Do lists and they did just that - thousands of them. So many in fact that a selection of them have now been made into a book called, yes you've guessed: To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us. Well you probably got the first couple of words!

Why did she get fascinated by To-Do Lists? She says she, 'became fascinated by them because they are such a rare window into our everyday lives – and everything that’s on our minds.'

Often when we think about publishing a blog we tend to start with the obvious. This is fine but thousands of others will also be thinking along similar lines. Now if we could get our minds working differently who knows what we could come up with. Perhaps a unique gem that might just catch on in a big way.

Thinking differently from the herd is one way to success.

The video below is Sasha talking about ... To-Do Lists - obviously.

Good luck with finding your unique gem,
Source: Mike's Money Making Mission

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