Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pssst! Want To Buy A Blog?

blog-for-saleI must admit that I've been a little slow in reading my favourite blogs recently and I was surprised, therefore, to hear from Rob that had been sold.

You may have read that CashQuests was the blog that sent me the most traffic for November.

The interesting point about this is that the blog, or perhaps the domain name, sold for $15,000. A not insignificant sum for a blog that had been only up and running for about 12 months.

It makes you think, doesn't it? Perhaps building and selling blogs is the way to go - or at least another stream of income to consider.

With CashQuests the supposed income was about $1400 per month, but $580 of this was from writing reviews and sponsored posts. Will the new owner be able to attract this sort of business? Obviously that's not the problem for Kumiko who now has $15000 in her bank.

I don't fully understand why anyone would want to pay this sort of amount, for a blog type website, where the success is based on the writer's particular style of writing. It will be difficult for anyone else to duplicate this.

Okay they've got a PR5 domain name but most of us could build this if we went about things the right way (and didn't sell links or do sponsored posts!). As for the income this will go down the drain unless the new owner can retain subscribers and readership.

'Tis all very interesting as several blogs have sold recently - you may find a few on offer here.

So are you ready to build a blog, with a domain name, and sell it?

Good luck,
Source: Mike's Money Making Mission

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