Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why I Hate BlackJack Games Online

Dont you just hate pop-ups? Well, youre not alone. If there was only an anti pop-up organization at our local city, there is no doubt in my mind, im going to be the president of that organization. I would be the first one to convict free online blackjack that sprout over the internet like wild mushrooms.

Let me tell you about my personal experience with this play blackjack on line offers. I was browsing the internet for an academic research once and before i knew it, alot of pop-ups was on my windows. They numbered from around eight to twelve simultaneous window openings. How agitating does that sound like? I mean youre on your own and dead serious about your research and suddenly you get bothered by this blackjack and casino offers around. I have to tell you guys, i was mad like hell. I stopped what I was doing and played basketball instead (i find it therapeutic).
This is just my experience and im sure you have yours too.

In addition to this one, if ever I would want to learn how to play black jack online, i dont have any site to explain the mechanics of the game. I was once enticed (more like fooled) to know how to play blackjack but once i visited the site, there was nothing more than random ads and this was when i told myself to let it go and that was exactly what I did.
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